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Mental & Physical Impact of Stalking

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When a survivor goes is stalked, it typically leaves emotional scars. The sensitive information embedded in the brain can be altered to change a response to the situation. Think of the fight or flight response. What is your reaction if there is a house fire? For a survivor, it may be difficult to suddenly get up and escape from the fire. The fear can be overwhelming.

Emotional Impacts

Effects commonly seen in survivors are depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety episodes, post trumatic stress disorder, you vs world thinking, and substance use (alcohol, meds, marijuana, etc.)

Physical Impacts

Being a victim of stalking can impact your physical well-being too. Being physically exhausted is different from being mentally exhausted. Your body can take on a lot of stress, even if it does not look like it. Examples include aching joints, headaches, a decrease in appetite, and muscle aches.

How can you avoid these physical and emotional impacts?

Try to practice a lot of self-care. It's important to set goals! Take time to exercise (yoga, pilates, cardio, etc.), take vitamins, eat healthy food to fuel your body, if applicable, listen to your favorite music, or treat yourself to pedicures or manicures.

These are several options you can try to help you avoid getting in a rut. These can help improve your health as well. Again, please contact us for more in-depth information or, you need help with self-care tips.

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